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Oct 17 2010

Hippies, Punx & Misfits

Vid Review by Craig Dostie 16oct2010 There is little doubt I’m one of the worst folks to ask about whether I like a ski video or not. That love affair ended after I was invited to a special screening of a Warren Miller movie. At the time, skiing was my purpose, and though I loved …

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Oct 07 2010

Telemark: 1.4-million strong?

A look at recent SIA statistics by Craig Dostie Companion article on WildSnow If you cruise over to WildSnow you’ll see my take on the health of the backcountry ski market based primarily on numbers tabulated by the Snowsports Industries of America, better know as SIA and formerly known as the Ski Industries of America. …

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Oct 04 2010

Rottefella’s NTN Binding

Beta Version Review Reprinted from Couloir Vol. XIX-5, March 2007 by Craig Dostie The long awaited NTN (New Telemark Norm) binding from Rottefella has arrived. And how! Is it the Holy Grail of telemark bindings? If Holy means perfect, then no. But if it means you will feel more righteous while genuflecting through your tele …

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Oct 01 2010

Garmont’s 2-buckle Kenai

Garmont has been transforming their entire line of ski boots with shells that hug your foot tighter to deliver higher performance. While the majority of interest in their line has been for the higher cuffed, big-boot version, the emphasis here is on earning turns, so a review of the most touring friendly tele boot seem …

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Sep 25 2010

NTN Rebate Program & Demo Tour

It’s official. Rottefella is turning up the heat to motivate telemark skiers to switch over to the new telemark norm they pioneered by offering a $100 rebate this fall. The rebate is an attempt to overcome the high cost of switching to the NTN system because it requires buying a new pair of boots and …

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