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Mar 18 2011

Ten-11, D24: Secret Stash

“Look, I blew you off the other day because I’m terrible at mornings man.” “Don’t sweat it. You got the goods, I had to be chained to a desk, so good call.” “Where can we go that’s close?” “I know a good avy chute with a cornice hanging above it. Excellent line if it holds. …

Keep making backcountry turns

Feb 26 2011

Ten-11, D20: Sugar Bowl Sidecountry

Despite the fact that we didn’t even arrive at the parking lot until 11am, Sugar Bowl’s sidecountry terrain remained untracked. That would soon change. Last week the January dry spell was broken when the heavens dropped over 8 feet of snow at the higher elevations in the Tahoe area. Before the dust had barely settled …

Keep making backcountry turns