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Jun 25 2012

TR (’94): Skiing Denali’s Wickersham Wall

© 1994   It felt nakedly brazen to be linking turns on the Wickersham Wall, a slope whose name is synonymous with avalanches. A slide now, while skiing in the center of the upper face, would carry me over 10,000-feet over cliffs and icefalls to a frozen, broken death. But we were confident in the …

Keep making backcountry turns

Feb 12 2012

CCSP Guide to Mendocino Ski Tours

  The Mendocino National Forest in Northern California contains nearly one million acres. From the Snow Mountain Wilderness in the southern end to the Yolla Bolly – Middle Eel Wilderness in the north, numerous peaks hold snow well into the summer. Access to these peaks can be tricky. And time consuming. The better part of …

Keep making backcountry turns