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What straps you down

Apr 28 2014

Review: OMG’s TTS

  It has been a season now since Olympus Mountain Gear has introduced their own 2-pin tele toe to make a complete binding package. The looming question, is it ready for prime time, or is it still a beta binding? Sadly, the OMG’s toe piece confirms beta status, albiet with good performance if you’re willing …

Keep making backcountry turns

Sep 25 2011

Review: Fritschi’s Freeride Pro (2011)

Few pieces of equipment can claim to have propelled the popularity of backcountry skiing like Fritschi’s Freeride binding. It was the first alpine touring binding that appealed to the mindset of the relatively untapped market of American alpine skiers lusting for untracked powder, but unwilling to let go of their reliance on beefy alpine bindings. …

Keep making backcountry turns

Sep 22 2011

Dynafit goes bi-sensual! Can you believe it?

You won’t believe it! The concept behind Mark Lengel’s Telemark Tech System binding is so simple it’s a wonder no one tried it before. Perhaps there was a quack or two out there who did and didn’t even believe it themselves when they tried it, or they knew no one else would, so they abandoned …

Keep making backcountry turns

Aug 12 2011

Review: Black Diamond’s O1

To say that Black Diamond’s O1 is the most popular telemark binding in America for earning turns is to acknowledge reality. There are several reasons for that popularity, not the least of which is the fact that the O1 was the first telemark binding with a free pivot for resistance free touring that also, finally, …

Keep making backcountry turns

Apr 27 2011

Review: Verdict on Telemark Tech System

In the two months since my last report on the performance of the new TTS binding they’ve been put through a fairly thorough gauntlet of conditions; crud, muck, crusty muck, powder, cream cheese, icy groomers, smooth cruisers and hair raising steeps. The most impressive performance was in the Cross Couloir, off Mt. Tallac. My own …

Keep making backcountry turns

Apr 24 2011

Face Off: BD’s O1 vs Voile’s Switchback-X2

Clouds were still spitting snow on the slopes around Tahoe and the trend has been for fewer and fewer customers as spring marches on toward summer, despite continuing to flirt with old man winter. The result was three to five inches of whipped cream on a smooth base of glazed corn. It felt sort of …

Keep making backcountry turns

Mar 10 2011

Review: Voile Switchback

If bindings were cars, the Switchback would be a Subaru. It tracks superbly, uphill and downhill, and if you know how to drive ‘er, you can out maneuver higher-powered vehicles.

Feb 09 2011

Review: Day 2 on TTS beta binding

Dynafit is not just the binding platform of choice for ski mountaineers with locked heels, but those with a tele-style free heel too.

Feb 07 2011

Review: Day 1 with TTS beta binding

The TTS binding uses a Dynafit (aka Tech) toe with a classic telemark cable with compression spring cartridges that latches around the heel of the boot. It only works with NTN boots that have Tech fittings.

Feb 06 2011

Tahoe conditions & TTS tease

Spring has spring here in the Sierra. It’s full on corn season and finally, today, the sun came out and the wind died.

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